Microsoft Detecting 5 billion threats on a device a month

As Microsoft believes in “the more threats we see, the more we can stop” is constantly working on the Threat Protection Service to help out organizations to protect their assets, connect the dots and empower the defenders. On moving little further with their threat service, it comes up with the “Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph” for the analyzing and detection of the threat that gets the feed from Outlook, Azure, OneDrive, Xbox Live, Bing, Windows and Microsoft Accounts.

Microsoft offers more various and advanced Threat Protection services like Microsoft Azure Sentinel managed SIEM service, Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection, Office 365 Advanced Threat protection, Azure Advanced Threat Protection, Microsoft Cloud App Security, Azure Security Center and Azure Active Directory on subscriptions.

Since Microsoft came up with an advanced Threat Protection service from last June, they are providing monthly updates on their stats. As per the latest update shared by Rob Lefferts who is the vice president of Microsoft Security, 5 billion threats have been detected on devices on scanning 1.2 billion devices each month. 6.5 trillion Signals and 18 billion Bing pages are as well getting analyzed on a day to day basis.

As their stats moving uptrend, Microsoft says that the intelligent security graph shows up significant growth in few aspects and just a few little changes incurred in some sources because of varied reason as compared to the past year. Microsoft has analyzed about 470 billion emails from outlook and more than 1 billion Azure user accounts this year, where last year it was about 4oo billion emails and just 750 million Azure user accounts analyzed.

Microsoft has come up with an advanced graph-based database like Microsoft 365 identity and Threat Protection package for enterprises in order to analyze the source of various threat signals and as well by connecting these source signals through dots they determine, alert and provide a clear view for the companies to ensure and enrich their security. Most such attacks observed are said to be the phishing attacks through mobiles, emails and web.

As per the office 365 analysis package of Microsoft, the company has analyzed 3,00,000 phishing Campaigns and 8 million Business Email Compromise (BEC)  in 2018 which is said to be the major cause of huge loss to the companies as per the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

In spite of Microsoft blocking 5 billion phishing emails and detecting 2 million incidents on a monthly basis in 2018, Microsoft says that the attackers still get their way through the companies that have already been attacked. Also, Microsoft has detected 72 million vulnerabilities and 123 million poor security configuration each month and blocking 14 million malicious sign-in attempts per year.

As per the FBI, the U.S companies alone have lost $1.3 billion because of the Business Email Compromise (BEC) Scams. And this amount is double the loss amount compared to that of 2017 and 10 times the amount when compared to the loss amount of 2016.


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